The Black Book Approach

We provide professional services with a team built of owner/operators that have walked in your shoes.

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Facility Management

We handle business acquisitions and brokerage, business marketing, provide professional web design, print advertising, and high quality facility management.

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Black Book is comprised of a team of experienced professionals offering solutions and guidance to equipment financing needs along with general banking. Our marketing division specializes in web and social media marketing as well as responsive site development and hosting.

We Know Business

Black Book advisors provide confidential business and professional advice drawn from direct experience at multiple levels.

Navigating business owners and professionals through the maze of banks and lenders we save time and reduce the number of hits on the business owners credit report via the banks credit pull. These careless pulls of an individuals credit creates scar or point reduction in their credit report. After carelessly pulling your credit your bank tells you they couldn’t deliver the loan you need at all or if you’re lucky they did create a loan but not without squeezing you with a high rate. High because it is not their forte (of course they will never tell you that your funding need is not their forte). Instead they convince you that YOU had issues that made your risk score high therefore the high rate. They will make you think you were lucky to get funded at all so accept the high rate and count your blessings. We at Black Book know that All Banks have their lending niche’s but never divulge what it is. They let you believe they can handle all your needs under one roof at the best rate you will get anywhere. They will take your application, pull your credit and attempt to structure a deal that works for you but in fact works only for them. Talk to us before you go to your own bank or any other bank for lending.

Whatever your business needs, Black Book advisors are here for you.

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